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Common Fridge problems

Electrolux as a brand is brilliant but itvis after all, an electronic appliance.

Common Fridge Problems

Your refrigerator is no longer just another thing in your house. It has now become a necessity and one of the most needed appliances in your home. Having said that, refrigerators are not immortal and will definitely face problems sooner or later. So, why does your fridge leak, freezes, or why is there frost building up in the ice dispenser? It is always better to be well informed about what is happening inside your fridge and what could probably happen. Let’s now discuss the most common problems your fridge may experience in its lifespan!

The refrigerator does not stop cycling or running.

Your fridge needs to cycle or run to maintain the temperature required to cool the food inside. But sometimes, due to the collection of dust and debris around the fridge’s condenser coils, your fridge starts cycling or running too much. You could try unplugging your fridge and then plugging it back again to repair this. You could even check the temperature of your fridge to gain a better understanding of why your fridge is continually running or cycling. If your fridge just wouldn’t stop cycling or running even after trying out all the possible DIY methods, it’s time to call an electrician to fix it.

Refrigerator leaks water

When your fridge’s defrost drain is blocked, or when your water supply line is clogged or frozen, the water leakage may get a little too serious. The clogging and blocking could be due to the collection f dust and debris in the drain or water supply line. You could try accessing the inside of your freezer and cleaning it. If the problem still remains, you have to call a professional electrician to repair it.

Unbelievable raise in the electricity bill

If you notice a sudden spike in your electricity bill, there is a chance that your refrigerator may be going through some problem. It’s time to get your refrigerator checked so that your unnecessary expenses can be cut down.

The fresh food compartment is warming up.

What is the connection between your freezer and your fridge unit? So the cold air that your refrigerators generate comes from your freezers and are then passed on into the food section of your fridge. So if the food section of your fridge is warming up, there is probably some kind of an airflow problem. There is an evaporator fan in your freezer that is responsible for moving the cold air from the freezer into the food compartment of the fridge. There is a diffuser located at the back of the refrigerator which carries this cold air into the food compartment of the fridge. Sometimes, the diffuser may get clogged with ice, and that’s when you will hear the evaporator fan running or air flowing from the freeze events. This blocks the airflow from the freezer to the fresh food compartment of the refrigerator.

The refrigerator is too noisy.

Refrigerators do make a little noise. But that sound should remain as low as possible. It should be such that nobody’s attention is drawn towards it. But in case there is an abnormal sound level coming from your refrigerator, it is an indication that there is something wrong with one of the fans of the fridge. You could inspect both the condenser fan and the evaporator fan to check if there is something wrong with it.

Every refrigerator at one point or the other will face specific issues. It is better to know these problems beforehand so that adequate measures are taken in advance. Knowledge about these things will always help us at one point or the other.

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